These are links to any other related websites  -The site that kicked this whole thing off You simply link your name entry to your schools -  they GET RESULTS  - please register there

School Friends  another "contact" site, not as well populated or as well done as friendsreuinited - but when you are trying to find needles in a haystack then you should give it a go!  I know I have mentioned them elsewhere but I cannot stress how useful and encouraging they were. (Special thanks to Bev Shew) Another Sutton service - a place where you can add your contact details and look for old friends - this is a really good idea "Sutton" but maybe it would be better if you could archive it into a searchable database.

As a last mention these links all lead off the main Sutton site at  (enough plugs Bev?)  This is the on-line London News Channel featuring Sutton - they also publish local newspapers - Sutton Guardian and Sutton Comet - they kindly printed a letter from me which led to contacts from ex-pupils not on the internet. Including the one who led me to the former deputy headmaster Alan Wilkins.   - our web hosting company
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