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To REGISTER on the website all you have to do is complete the form below and click the submit button - your name and starting/leaving dates will be included on the pupils page more or less immediately. By entering your details and clicking submit you explicitly agreeing that these details may be included in the Wigtonian website database and displayed on the new pupils register. As a "not for profit organisation" we have exemption from registering under the Data Protection Act however we follow the Act's basic guidelines - please click here to see our policy if you have any doubts.

If at any time you wish details to be removed or amended please email
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All principles of the data protection act are adhered to.

The Data Controller as described in the act is Clive Richards - please see contacts page for other means of contacting me.

The data displayed on our public website will be restricted to that which you specifically give permission for in your application form

No personal data will ever be passed to third parties without your consent

Your address and telephone number details are for administrative use only, will never be posted on the web or given to any third party unless you specifically request it or if I am required by legislation to disclose it.

If at any time you want your registration details removed from the web or from my records simply send me an e-mail requesting this.

If you wish me to amend any details please advise by e-mail   


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