Fees! (voluntary this time round)
(or - "Hoppy would be proud of this page!")

The cost of maintaining this website  is rising as more photos etc are added. As a result of generous donations made so far I have been able to increase our webspace to 50 mb. Some people have asked me about hosting costs - this new level costs just under 70 a year and there is an additional 10 or so every two years for the domain name. Together with the original setting up charges and running costs to date the site has cost around 85 which has been offset by the "School Fees" I have received so far. However it is now only six months until the annual renewal so contributions are still needed if the site is to be maintained.

I do not want to charge for membership as this might discourage some people from registering and this would defeat the object - If you are prepared to make a small voluntary contribution to help keep the site afloat  then please send a cheque payable to C.R.Richards and post to me at WIGSWeb,  28 Belvedere Close, Kittle, Swansea SA3 1DE.  I will acknowledge all donations by e-mail and include your name as a contributor below. (if you prefer to be anonymous please say so)

I will annually publish here an account of how your money is spent. In the event that I ceased to operate the site any remaining funds would be donated to charity.

Name Date
Peter Baker September 2001
Alan Wilkins October 2001
Tex Gains October 2001
John Curgenven October 2001
Ian Jarrett October 2001
Michael Bishop October 2001
Victor Tandberg & Co Ltd
(MD - Ivan Gunn)
November 2001
Trevor Warburton December 2001

I have decided not to show the sum against each name but will when a few more have been received show the total to date in the box below

Sponsorship to date


My thanks to everyone who has sponsored this website - you have now covered this year's costs and about a third of next year's renewal


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