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This is the all new database driven page that you create yourselves simply by uploading the information - the webmaster accepts no responsibility for anything published here but if you do spot something incorrect or offensive please email and it will if necessary be removed. As with the pupils register you can search using words that might appear in any of the fields


THE SMALL PRINT! I will print any stories but will REMOVE names where it might cause  embarrassment -  your name will not be shown as contributor unless you specifically ask me to include it. So lets tell it all! the only thing I ask is that you keep them brief ( I reserve the right to edit stories which are too long or contain anything which might upset our web hosting company - or prove libellous ) Where certain teacher behaviour is concerned I have decided to leave out their names as in today's climate their actions might convey more sinister meanings.  In my time however corporal punishment was both legal and the norm and I never personally experienced anything from a teacher that could in that context be regarded as "improper".
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