Brenchley Archive


Many of you will know that Roy Brenchley passed away on 29th September 2010.  His executor kindly sent me all of the photographs and documents in Roy's effects that pertained to his time at Wallington Independent Grammar School.  Rather than just merge the scans of them into our general website I decided to build this page a lasting tribute to the person that I considered to to be one of the best and fairest teachers at our school.  My only academic achievement that I can credit to him is O level Religious Knowledge but he taught me much more about respect and understanding for people than anyone I can remember.  Of his time he was a very liberal teacher who, in a middle class Christian school, taught the values and beliefs structures of many faiths which I am sure went outside the laid down curriculum.  He was stimulating and encouraging and I dont think you can ask more than this from a teacher.

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job notice job offer contract of employment thanks letter
This is the letter Roy must have had from an agency advising him about the job opportunity - note the salary range from  £572-£624 pa The job offer letter from Mr Hopkins - looks like Roy got short changed as the salary of £458 is £114 lower than the lower point of the salary range - guess Mr Hopkins was never noted for his generosity! Contract signed by Roy and Mr Hopkins and witnessed by "Alan Warburton" (Mrs Warburton's husband I wonder?) Despite cheating him on the salary Mr Hopkins clearly appreciated Roy's work in this letter
camping insurance school prospectus 1 school prospectus 2 letter about Roy's passing
Insurance policy for equipment on one of the camping trips A school prospectus - unfortunately nothing inside to date it Another school prospectus - later than the one above determining by the cost of meals and the fees - I note that the preparatory classes have gone and that mention is now made of Swimming for all (previously just for selected boys), languages taught by an audio-visual system, tape recorders for music.  The library has now been opened and the lunch hour changed from 12.25 - 2.00 to  12.30-1.45 - seems like we lost 20 minutes from our break!  In the curriculum Economics and German were introduced This was the letter I received announcing Roy's passing and giving details of his funeral
Roy and Jo backstage Roy at stage lighting desk school play 1 school play 2
Roy with Jo Hayes in what looks like a "backstage" photo Roy at the home made lighting desk - complying health and safety I wonder! Note the ever present Players packets - enough to last him through the show! Scene from a Play (if anyone knows which one let me know and I will add the title) Curtain call from a play I believe
sports day refreshment colour slides link
Group photo - can anyone identify names and/or occasion school sports day taking a refreshment break This is an album I posted earlier of scans from Roy's collection of colour slides they run as a slide show but link to very large images so you can see the detail