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January 2012
I can hardly believe another year has gone by - still that is nothing to the three years that it has taken for me to get around to updating the names on photos in the gallery.  Some names have how been added to almost all the group photos and this time I have entered the names in blue so that you can easily spot the new ones - hope you will enjoy as I did remembering some forgotten names.  While I was visiting the pictures again I remembered a couple more names that I had forgotten and I am guessing the same will happen when other people look at them. So I am going to run a small competition for people to try and remember more - some of you will know people in more than one photo so please look at as many as you can.  The first four people to send me at least three names of boys not already named will win an original "Wallington Independent Grammar School exercise book" - some of you will remember how difficult it was to get one of those even when we at school - they used to count the pages in the old one before issuing a new one when I was there!  Well now they are even rarer - only 5 I know of left and four of those are up for grabs - so get looking at the photos and email the names to me at making sure that you put "Wigs Photo Names" in the message title - the first 4 emails containing at least 3 new names for photos wins one!

Also please dont forget to keep adding your stories and reminicences to memory lane - I know that many of you have sent these in by email in the past but I am afraid I really dont have time to keep editing the pages manually

March 2011
I have added a new page to the menu - Roy Brenchley Archive - it will contain various photos and documents scanned from originals kindly sent to me by his executor - so far I have only added some colour photos scanned from a box of 35mm colour slides but over the coming weeks I will be adding scans of various interesting documents which I have been sent as well

February 2011
Our facebook site is now established and a few members have joined - it would be nice to see more there so that it can become our means of communicating.  These webpages will still contain the main archive.  

January 2011
This should have just been a happy new year message to you all, which it still is, however 2010 was a sad year in the history of our School.  A year in which those who I believe were the last surviving members of school staff all died.  I have already published information below about Roy Brenchley and Alec Martin and they are now joined by the former deputy head master Alan Wilkins (details of funeral below).  It was a privilege to have know them and I am so glad that Roy and Alan were able to join us at our reunion a few years ago.  While I could not honestly say this of all our teachers both Alan and Roy were held in high regard by me personally as being excellent teachers and within the climate of the day the fairest and kindest of them all - I was never taught by Alec Martin but others have spoken well of him too. I remember these teachers as progressive in a school and general climate that was anything but progressive - I learned a lot from them and will miss their presence in this life.

Alan Wilkins Funeral
Alan Wilkins died on 31st December 2010 - here are the funeral details

Thursday 13th January at 3.30pm
North East Surrey Crematorium
Lower Morden Lane
Afterwards at -
The Rose and Crown Public House
jct of London Road and Butter Hill
Any floral tributes to be sent to -
16 Dale Park Avenue
By 2.00pm 13th January please.

October 2010
The site has recently been beset with problems - in particular that the external site I use for Memory Lane and the Pupils register suddenly started requesting non-existant passwords.  Having spent a couple of hours searching the Zoho website trying to work out which permissions had changed I eventually traced the problem to the fact that the embed coding which is used to insert the database into this website has changed - a quick edit of the pages should have resolved the problem.  If you are still being asked for a password please clear your browser cache (firefox) or temporary files (IE) - Apologies to all and hope that it hasnt spoiled your enjoyment of the site

September 2010
Learned that not long after he told me about Alec Martin, Roy Brenchley passed away having suffered for a while with cancer of the Gullett - This was the letter that I received from the Parish where he was the priest for some years.  He was at school someone I had the greatest respect for and it was both a pleasure and a privilege to have renewed that acquaintance. I was happy that he was able to join us in the 2002 Reunion

April 2010
learned from Roy Brenchley the sad news that Alec Martin died this April

18th July 2007
So long an absence then two major updates in two days - The old stories page (now called Memory Lane) has also been updated to become a database driven page that you can submit content directly to - I hope that seeing your memories on screen more quickly will encourage even more participation. Memory lane is also fully searchable - try entering "riot" in the search box on the main memory column

17 July 2007
After a gap of over three years I have at last begun to develop the website again - thanks to all of you who have kept in touch and I hope in coming months you will see some interesting changes - the first - an all new dynamic pupil register is detailed on the home page so do take a look and let me know what you think of the way it is going - there are a few glitches with it at the moment but these will be sorted out shortly and it is perfectly usable in the meantime.

22 January 2004
2003 came and went without any updates and the end of the year found me in hospital for two months from which I am currently still recovering.  I had collected a number of registrations over the last year or so and these are now in the new register at last. I have other information to update and will try to do this over the next few weeks

24 October 2002
Apologies for not putting updates on these pages since earlier this year - I have had little time to do very much to the website but here is a brief summary of some of the changes over the year.

Hopefully I will keep this more up to date in future
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