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Here is a list of all the old boys who have registered so far, including  contact details where given. If your name isn't here yet why don't you register . This is an all new dynamic database which enables you to order the list by clicking the heading of any column- clicking the column head more than once toggles between ascending and descending order- You can also search the database using any known information such as Surname, first name etc. In future when people complete the registration form this list will automatically update and will no longer have to wait until I can enter things manually. The illustration below shows how to use the key features - click here to see how to use the search tool

You cannot edit or delete records so if you want your record removed or anything changed please email the webmaster@wigtonian.org.uk and it will be attended to as quickly as possible - existing members may find the year of leaving is not exactly correct this is because the page showed a year range (eg 1961-1962) so in all cases I have used the later year from the range. If you want to resubmit your details using the the new form you may do so but please email me and ask me to remove the old one so that you don't appear twice Registration Form

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